Hotel AMBASSADOR, Hlavná 101, Košice

The conception of the architectural rendering of the hotel AMBASSAOR **** in Košice is based on a new disposition of the basic, central and peripheral structures of the building. The changes realised in the hotel, which is situated in a spatially restricted area within a protected landmark zone, included a different placement of the reception area, building of a new restaurant, which was previously missing in the building, erecting a new wing for sanitary facility, building a new five-storey object for accommodation purposes with a new polyfunctional and conference room, and construction of a new kitchen with gastro appliances and service areas. The overall architectural rendering and interior design is characterised by a sophisticated elegance which was reached by using high-quality materials and by means of detailed handcrafting of the highest norms.

Author: Ing. Slavomír Dluhý
Purpose: Hotel ****
Interior project: ATELIÉR DLUHÝ, N.A.D.E.S.
Area of realisation: 1300 m2
Structure: Reconstruction, finishing, new building erection
  ground floor, relaxation area
  1st floor, social areas
  2nd floor, social areas
  3rd floor, accommodation facility
  4th floor, accommodation facility
Project: April, 2007 - Jun, 2008
Realization: October, 2009
Cooperation with visual artists – incorporation of art works into the interior projects Photograph: doc. Prekop Rudolf , FAMU Prague, Czech Republic, Academic painter: Broniševský Vladimír, Košice Slovakia, Academic painter: Mgr. Art. Megyesi Pavol, Košice, Slovakia 

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