Katov byt /Headsman’s Lodging/, Hrnčiarska ul., Košice

The interior project of the permanent exposition was realised in the historically most valuable space within the museum complex Rodošto and Miklušova väznica /Mikluš’ Jail/. The interior design conceptually emphasises the original character and disposition of the premises. The rendering comprises modern all-glass exhibitory vitrines and spacious solitary glass panels complemented with elements made out of solid timber. The finishing touches to the furniture were given by means of originally documented logographs which were created by laser intarsia of natural veneers. The goal of the exhibition is enhanced technologically by a multimedia panel and design lighting.

Author: Ing. Slavomír Dluhý
Purpose: Display exhibition
Interior project: ATELIÉR DLUHÝ, N.A.D.E.S.
Area of realisation: 62,17 m2
Structure: 2nd floor, výstavné expozície
Project: February, 2009 - May, 2009
Realization: September, 2009

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